Coyote Motorsports Staff

Below we invite you to learn more about the staff that makes Coyote Racing Chassis operate each and every day - from owner Mark Lipari down to our shop and office teams. Learn more about our company and services at our About page.

Mark Lipari, Owner

Mark Lipari

I have been involved in karting since the 1990s racing with my son, Jim, supporting his passion and working as a crew member for his racing.  When trying to think about what I do with the company, I realize it would be easier to list what I don’t do!

After spending decades working in the retail and real estate industries, I refocused my life desire to produce a product that racers would be successful with as well as a proud owner of.  This product is the Coyote kart racing chassis.

I consider myself a student of Brandon’s and Dan’s, working daily in the shop and office.  I consider myself a visionary and I’m working today to build the most successful and consistent karts for tomorrow.

Jim Lipari, Co-owner

Jim Lipari

Jim has been racing karts since the late 1990s and through all the years he has many accomplishments.  He was schooled in engineering while racing and working for Wayne and Ed Wispelaere, the founders of Coyote Karts.

Over the years through trial and error, as well as conversation with many people in the karting industry, Jim has learned and implemented many ideas and the latest technology into our karts.

Today, Jim's focus is on design, track support and sales orders, while still getting behind the wheel to test and develop as well as competitive racing on weekends from time to time.

Brandon Goetz, Welder and Machinist

Brandon Goetz

Brandon joined the Coyote team in 2012 and he brings a wealth of racing and fabrication knowledge to our company.  He welds, machines, designs and injects / implements processes to help make our karts the best and most consistent on the market.

Away from the shop, Brandon races a 600cc micro-sprint and has won a lot of races not so much on his budget, but his ability to properly set up the car.  This knowledge transfers directly to the production of our karts.

Ryan Walsh, Purchasing and Public Relations

Ryan Walsh

Ryan has been with us since 2014 and he’s become a very valuable asset to Coyote Motorsports.  He is responsible for website updates, social media and he’s a key part to the day-to- day operations of the business.

Ryan takes part in ordering, public relations, shipping as well as working as a “middle-man” between our webmaster and Jim and Mark.

Dan Fleck, Fabricator

Dan Fleck

Dan came on board in 1995 and he was our longest tenured employee until his passing. Dan was a true craftsman, paying strict attention to the details of our kart production and he was a professor of fixturing the karts as well as fabricating parts.  He measured twice and checked twice for fit, straightness and accuracy.

We called Dan "the professor" as he taught us and explained his theories on process and perfection. We learned a great deal from Dan and we miss him dearly.