Chassis Description

The Coyote Zenith is our CIK adult chassis package designed over multiple years of engineering, development and testing.

The chassis is easy to adjust at the track and in the garage, and a baseline setup will prove competitive at any track with minor caster/camber, ride height and air pressure adjustments for peak performance depending on specific circuit layout and weather conditions.

The Zenith steps away from the traditional Coyote Yoke system for adjusting caster and camber and moves to the "European-style" sniper adjustment system for caster/camber change that provides a significant amount of adjustment. This, along with other updates and features, works to simplify and streamline buying, selling and manufacturing of the chassis. It also gives racers a simpler and more user-friendly tool for precise adjustments to front-end setup settings of the go-kart.

We have found that the demographic of the popular Briggs 206 racing platform is demanding the same quality chassis and components, but desire a complete package including all the necessities to allow them win races bundled into it. This has allowed us to give our dealers a better price because we are able to streamline manufacturing.

Standard & Optional Features

  • 1-1/8” and 1-1/4” alloy frame tubing, powder coated mirror black with Zenith decals
  • Sniper adjustable caster, camber and ride height
  • Hollow chrome steering shaft with adjustable locking steering block
  • 25mm chrome spindles
  • 50mm axle
  • MCP Brake system with 7.75” rotor & steel braided lines
  • Lightweight sprocket and brake hubs
  • Drilled hardware for safety tech
  • Swift Components magnesium 5" wheels
  • Greyhound Seat (size based on driver build)
  • Tubular steel full width rear bumper
  • KG nerf bars
  • KG bodywork
  • KG steering wheel
  • Coyote Zenith decal kit
  • 3.5L KG fuel tank
  • Decal kit installation on bodywork
  • KG plastic rear bumper
  • Mega Mount engine mount(custom machined for road course chassis)
  • Odenthal engine mount