Coyote Kart Racing Chassis

Wide Track CIK / LO206 Package

lo206 kart racing chassisThe purpose of this package for LO206 kart racing is to simplify and streamline buying, selling and manufacturing karts. We also sell chassis the same traditional way, offering a wide variety of options for those not planning to race a CIK-style class, or those experts that know exactly how they want to customize the components on their chassis.

We have found that the demographic of the newly popular LO206 kart racing platform are demanding the same quality chassis and components, but desire a complete package including all the necessities to allow them win races bundled into it. This has allowed us to give our dealers a better price because we are able to streamline manufacturing.

The Wide Track features a complete line of factory-installed options for the rookie or pro, short or tall driver.

Your area distributor is ready to provide you additional details and a ticket to the winner’s circle. To learn more about LO206 kart racing, visit the official Briggs Racing page.

 Standard Features
  • 1.125” Coyote Wide Track frame, powder coated black.
  • 17mm chrome spindles.
  • Adjustable Caster, Camber and front ride height.
  • Free spin front hub bearings.
  • ¾” Steering Shaft with adjustable locking steering block.
  • 10 degree steering wheel hub.
  • 13” flat top steering wheel.
  • Greyhound seat ( specify seat size/style) with seat mounts.
  • 3.5L or 8.5L KG fuel tank.
  • MCP brake system with 7” rotor and steel braided lines.
  • 1.250 x 40” x .250” rear axle with NTN freespin bearings (or 40mm upgraded add $145.00).
  • Lightweight wheel, sprocket and brake hubs.
  • Coyote Tubular steel full width rear bumper.
  • Set of Van-K 5” Pro Maxx black anodized wheels.
  • KG FP7 or 505 body kit with Evo Stilo pods and pod nerfs, includes mounts also.
  • Coyote body wrap decal kit.
  • Drilled Hardware for safety tech


Coyote Wide Track Chassis


 Optional Features
  • Mega Mount (custom machined for road course chassis) – $135.00
  • Xtreme chain – $22.89
  • Sprocket guard – $15.99
  • BULLET quick connect throttle linkage – $22.49
  • Briggs LO206 engine – Call us at 585-352-0806 for details.
lo206 kart racing chassis
Wide Track / CIK Package Printable Flyer
Coyote Karts Racing Chassis | CIK / LO206 Package
 Wide Track Chassis Specs
Wheel Base:
Overall Length:
Overall Height:
Dry Weight:
 97 pounds (less engine)
Tread Width:
 Front: 37 3/8″- 44 3/8″ / Rear: 55″
Kingpin Centerline:
 25 1/2″
Kingpin Angle:
 1 1/4″ or 40mm
 12° from center
 + or – 2°