briggs lo206 kid kart
2017 Kryptonite – CIK bodywork package
briggs lo206 kid kart
2017 Kryptonite – “Gold Cup” bodywork package

The “Kryptonite” is Coyote’s Cadet racing chassis for youngsters age 6-12. This kart is ideal for young racers and families just entering the sport of karting, and it’s tailored for either the Briggs LO206, Comer K-80, Mini Swift, and Yamaha Sportsman 2-cycle engines.

The “Kryptonite” comes with all applicable features that our Wide Track and XP karts include, and it’s very easy to adjust the chassis on the fly and in the garage. As always, the kart is offered with the below-listed Standard features and customers are encouraged to add on with any of our Optional features.

Your area distributor is ready to provide you additional details and a ticket to the winner’s circle.

 Standard Features
  • Coyote adjustable castor & camber front yokes
  • Black powder-coated front and rear bumpers
  • 17mm front spindles
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Coyote steering shaft locking block
  • Aluminum five-sided tie-rods with right and left-hand threads
  • 1 1/4″ alloy rear axle
  • NTN free spinning rear-end bearings
  • Oven-baked black polyurethane powder coat finish
  • Drilled Hardware for safety tech
  • Safety wire fasteners
  • Van-K one-piece wheels

 Optional Features
  • 40mm rear axle (A:softest; B:intermediate)
  • Super-soft 40mm rear axle
  • Coyote adjustable rear axle cassettes
  • Steering wheel (customer preference)
  • Bodywork (CIK or Gold Cup style)
  • Custom frame colors available
  • Steel braded brake line
  • Plastic or aluminum fuel tank

 Krypontine Chassis Specs
Wheel Base: 950mm Briggs LO206 Coyote Kart Racing Chassis
Overall Length:  67″
Overall Height:  18″
Dry Weight:  105 lbs. (less engine)
Tread Width:  Front: 37 1/2″ to 42″
Rear: 42″ to 50″
Kingpin Centerline:  24 1/4″
Kingpin Angle:  11°
Axle  1 1/4″ or 40mm
Castor:  11° from center (+/-)
Camber:  2° + or – (either side)