Chassis ID Number

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  1. Jeffrey Stone
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    I just purchased an older Coyote kart. The number on the left rear caliper mount is
    1202158, with the letters JR below the ID number.

    I’m assuming this is a 12 degree caster, built in 2000, number 158 off the assembly line ???

    But I have no idea what the JR represents?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Jeffrey Stone

    • Coyote Motorsports
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      Hi Jeffrey,
      That is a 2002 Coyote Kryptonite, that particular Kryptonite was built before we owned the company. It was just a Wide Track with a 40.5″ wheelbase for the cadet class.

      Hope this helps.

      Jim Lipari

  2. Kaleb Gordon
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    I have a kart with the id number KIC90 863

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