what-we-doCoyote Motorsports is a custom kart manufacturer and full-service machine shop capable of in-house manufacturing nearly every component on our popular line of go-karts. Coyote headquarters in Spencerport, N.Y., stock nearly any product you’ll need in order to go kart racing at a local, regional or national level. Once you’re ready to go racing with Coyote, our trackside support programs and highest standards of customer service will ensure you have the resources necessary to meet your goals.

who-we-areCoyote Motorsports is owned by Jim Lipari, an enthusiastic 30-year-old veteran racer with a passion for go-kart racing and the industry behind it. Jim purchased Coyote in 2007 and since has strived to offer customers the most satisfying experience possible, relying on a hard work ethic, positive attitude and sound practice of customer service. Kart racing is a family sport, and we’re a family business. Jim’s father, Mark, is actively involved in the business, and continues as a focal member of Coyote’s trackside support programs.

where-weve-comeCoyote Products was founded in 1976 with humble beginnings. The original owners began the business in their Rochester, N.Y.-area garage, building karts for local customers. The grassroots onset of the business spawned into a nationally known production go-kart company with chassis shipped weekly by the dozens to customers coast to coast. Coyote Products was renamed Coyote Motorsports in 2007, when the Lipari family purchased the business. Coyote now operates out of its impressive, state-of-the-art shop in the Rochester suburb of Spencerport.  

why-were-hereWe have a strong passion for kart racing and what it stands for. Karting is the purest form of motorsport, one that offers an avenue for the beginner, hobbyist, amateur or professional racer. Coyote Motorsports is committed to helping karters meet their goals on a one-on-one, personal level. Whether those goals are embarking on a new hobby and wanting to do it as safely as possible – or winning national races against the best competition in the country. Your success is what drives us, and we’ll work hard to ensure your karting career is a rewarding one – no matter how small or lofty your ambitions are.

Coyote's Services
Coyote Motorsports provides customers with a complete racers service. We manufacture Coyote chassis daily, and also provide a complete kart shop for all your racing needs.

Coyote Motorsports has a complete agenda of manufacturing capabilities:

  • custom tube bending
  • welding TIG and MIG
  • machining
  • powder coating


We provide complete track side assistance, from setup sheets to one on one racer support. Track support also can include one on one driver coaching by appointment.


Coyote Motorsports stocks all the necessities a racer needs. All accessories are available year round and at competitive prices.


Purchase all your karting needs right here! Once you have found all that you are looking for, call us at (585) 352-0806 to place your order. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call at (585) 352-0806 and we can assist you!

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